Miraa May – Care Package

I’ve lived with Miraa May’s Care Package for a long time. Each time I wanted to write about it I couldn’t because the connection to what was being conveyed and the sentiment in some of these songs was deeply healing, far beyond a level which I could comprehend, and one I didn’t know how to or was comfortable enough to put into words until now. Care Package is true to its name, I listen to it when I need that fresh burst of energy, when I need to feel empowered to kickstart something. What better track to start the EP than with a devotion to the creator and show gratitude for the blessings of life, the good and the not so good that give us lessons to learn from.

It’s safe to say that if it wasn’t for listening to this EP, I probably would not have accepted that I weren’t happy with how things were going in life for quite some time, resulting in being open with my partner regarding the state of my mental health and going through a process of uncovering why I was so unhappy which inspired a plan of action that would kickstart 2019. I say all of that to say this, if it weren’t for listening to Care Package, specifically Sad, I probably would never have officially put 0800YOFAM into action. I attribute being empowered to sink into my sadness and embrace it in order to move past it to this EP.

Empowerment is the theme of this project. There’s no woe is me to be found, it’s much the opposite, Miraa knows who she is and what she wants to say; comfortable in her own skin, doesn’t need no one else to make her feel whole. There isn’t a track that I skip on this regardless of the mood but perhaps if I were to choose a fave, it would definitely be Make Room. Lines like “Consent is my friend so please don’t take what you want from me [be]cause I ain’t no prick you know” project a self assured and charismatic song bird who ain’t afraid to throw hands if need be.

If someone said that an artist could deliver such a nuanced masterpiece of empowerment in a total of 17mins pre 30th November 2018, I probably would never have thought it possible, however Care Package has done so much for me on a personal and spiritual level since its release. Click here to stream or purchase on your preferred platform.

Amira Benameur’s knack for masking sentiments behind allegory to have you guessing doesn’t stop there, dig a little deeper through her discography and you’ll find tracks like Benji, on the Salaam Remi produced N15, where she journey’s through her relationship with the natural mystic in a similar vein to Amy Winehouse’s Cherry, or Commit which is a candid take on a mans inability to make it official and commit to being in a relationship.

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