Adidas Nite Jogger

I really like the look of these. They seem like a comfortable pair of kicks and having recently purchased a pair of ZX500 RM’s on sale, I’m intrigued. My concerns are whether they are resistant to the outside elements ie. water and breeze proof, also can they be used to exercise -nothing stopping you from doing so but considering they’ve been ‘reimagined for the street’, I can’t see these being used for an evening run but with a pair of jeans with the cuffs set just above the ankle you can’t go wrong.

Worth upgrading my ZX500 RM’s for a few reflective strips or nah?

The question I ask myself is, are they worth the price tag? Perhaps, however like all newly released models I predict they’ll be reduced in some end of season sale at some point and if the price is attractive enough not to miss, I’ll swoop in then. For now I’m good.

Click here to purchase.

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