Dips x Lo-Wu – Focus Riddim

This track is everything. Nostalgic feels and lyrical nods to iconic Grime and UKG anthems. Focus Riddim has the epic sentiment of iconic tracks like Original Pirate Material, you can listen to it in any circumstance because it paints the mood. First time I heard it I got it -it connected with me. I saw montages in my head of bygone times, rolling through housing estates being dwarfed by tower blocks, playing pass the parcel with a spliff in an abandonned car park or tower block stairwell, passing round a mic and taking turns to mix the next track in a dingy bedroom, dimly lit by the LED lights on the Technics turntable and mixer. This track reminds me of my adolescence; weekend smoke sessions, illegal raves, random house parties, Nike Air Max, Armani Jeans, and a fresh fade. Endless nostalgic feels, currently on repeat until they drop some more.

Purchase Dips x Lo-Wu‘s debut single Focus Riddim here.

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