Freddie Gibbs – Freddie

This album has aged well, its timeless -however short its release in comparison to what you’d associate with the words ‘aged’ and ‘timeless’.

Bangers Upon Bangers

No matter how long between listens I find myself bouncing to it and it has everything you need; hype, mellow, stuff to cruise around to, Freddie gives you the gas you need to get ish done. I’ve followed Freddie Gibbs on Instagram for quite a while prior to listening to any music and I gotta say, his Social Media feed is as entertaining as his raps, there really is no difference -a true definition of authenticity. Funny thing is, I probably wouldn’t of started listening to the album if it weren’t for his troll-marketing promotional video, below.

Straight Out The Gate

Gibbs kickstarts the album with an uptempto and bass heavy Weight before transitioning into Automatic which is on the crusier side of tempos although it does not slack on the bass and gangster feel. The uptempo and mellow theme play itself out throughout the album resulting in a balanced listening experience. Favourite tracks for me are Weight, Automatic, Triple Threat, 2 Legit, Set Set, Toe Tag, FBC, Diamonds 2… [Hold up thats the whole tracklist!!!?] If I were to choose one song on the album that had me saying ‘Damn Son!’, it would definitely be 2 Legit. RichGains did his thing on the Mary J chop and bounce, a very intricate production. Death Row is another example of how to breathe life into an iconic sample -Eazy-E’s Boyz-N-The-Hood, Kenny Beats laid the perfect foundation for Gibbs to furnish alongside a cameo from 03 Greedo, a Watts native who pays homage to NWA’s head honcho Eazy-E.

Polarised Views

When discussing this album with listeners who unlike me were familiar with his earlier works, I noticed a polarisation between those who were as appreciative as myself and those of whom were quite sceptical because they didn’t know whether he was trolling due to the style of earlier works -collaborating with the likes of Madlib etc. I myself love when artists try their hand at a popular style of Rap and put their own spin on it, Gibbs and the production team comprised of Kenny Beats, Dupri, and RichGains have an undeniable chemistry on this album resulting in an offering that oozes charisma and contains banger upon banger.

A fine body of work that will age like fine wine 🍷, a non-skippable track type of album, oozing boundless charisma that you can vibe to time and time again.

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