Rece Miller – Live L.O.U.D

Rece Miller kept this project closely guarded as if he had found the cure to all conditions, ailments and pestilence that have ravaged planet earth since the dawn of time that if leaked, would threaten to end the tyrannous reign of Big [Bumbaclart] Pharma. I had no idea he was cooking up an Album [project in his own words], I had no idea he was still [on this music ting] Rapping, and if I’m totally honest, I hadn’t heard a song of his until I heard Ain’t Tellin Me which I really liked because of its retro-futuristic outer space kinda feel.

I be sitting on the bus thinking am I gonna buss fam, scene full of snakes I can’t ever really trust man.

One evening I was scrolling through the timeline [yea we say that these days] and I heard what would be the epic intro to Problem; the lead single from Live L.O.U.D. The sampled horn section rises in amplitude as if it were announcing the arrival of Caesar and his legions, returning to Rome following a triumphant victory over Pompey in 48BC; ending years of civil war which decimated all but a few best men from Rome’s elite echelon of political and military influencers.

Theatric reference aside, this is a great introduction to Rece Miller. I didn’t connect the way I thought I would on the first listen, although tracks like Respect and Real Thoughts gave me an insight into the man himself, and as much as I felt that I didn’t get enough introspection and vulnerability on the initial playthrough, I discovered that Live L.O.U.D is littered with these things. Rece touches on everything from family to mental health, dreams and aspirations so if you’re looking for something to nice and easy to get into, this is a very good choice; you get a dose of every wave from the hype, chilled, pensive and sinister. Whatever your preference; indica, sativa, hybrid, Live LO.U.D has got you covered.

Whats Good, What’s Popping?

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