Cowshed Cow Pit Deodorant Spray

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I have been using this deodorant since staying at The Ned, a five-star hotel in London’s Square Mile, whilst on a celebratory birthday weekend planned by my wonderful partner in August 2018.

I was intrigued at first, natural deodorant that was aerosol free? You’ve got to be kidding me.

I planned to wear a black kimono sleeved shirt from Cos that I had purchased eight months prior but hadn’t yet worn. I was reluctant to use anti-perspirant aerosol spray as I didn’t want the chemicals to ruin the arm pits, so I made the decision to try the Cow Pit natural deodorant found amongst the selection of Cowshed products in the bathroom. The scent was subtle, I definitely sprayed too much on my first try as I had to dab the excess with a towel before going out to enjoy our birthday meal at Sketch. It was a different experience altogether; I felt light, I weren’t clammy with moisture trying to fight through the impermeable layer of anti-perspirant, and for the first time since I started wearing deodorant I felt natural i.e not feeling restricted or consciously knowing I was wearing anything.

Breaking the chemical and aerosol cycle in favour of going natural is a choice that I’d recommend to all.

A bottle will last just over a month with a spray every morning after I come out of the shower. I am free from body odour and unlike traditional, chemical based aerosol I don’t feel ‘muggy’ or ‘clammy’, I feel light and free. My clothes have benefitted as there are no chemical stains or hardening of garment in the arm pit area, I can signal a taxi in weather that doesn’t require me to wear a jacket and not feel self-conscious about my pit area being stained yellow or rock hard.

Bottle No.5

I’m now on my fifth bottle from John Lewis where Cow Pit can be purchased for £12 per 50ml bottle.

A lot of you may say that it’s a steep price however considering cost of a can of aerosol that contains all sorts of harmful chemicals absorbed by the body in the act of freshening up, you’re actually saving money, looking after your body and doing your bit for the environment. Also the size of the bottle makes it easier to travel with in regards to going through customs, and each pump to packs a mahooosive punch -find the golden ratio of distance and your coverage area is covered in one spray.


The fifth month was the time I purchased a bottle for my partner because I wanted to find out what she thought about the product. The scent of Cow Pit isn’t masculine or feminine, nor does it overpower any perfume or cologne; it’s subtle which is another advantage.

Before I began using Cow Pit I felt as though I was in a battle of scents whilst getting dressed because aerosol deodorants have an overpowering smell. I would find that if getting dressed I would always have to spray my deodorant in the spare room because I didn’t want to suffocate my sleeping partner. When using Cow Pit I don’t have to go into quarentine and because it’s more of a pump than rapid spray, it doesn’t make a loud noise. I also find that I apply much less cologne due to the subtle natural scent not trying to compete for attention.

There are natural deodorant alternatives from brands such as Kiehls, which is in the same price range, however I feel as though an Anti-Persirant cream or roll on will just make me feel clammy. Aesop has a few aluminum free herbal deodorants in a similar format as Cowshed but for twice the price. I’d be much more likely to try Aesop’s but I somehow doubt it will be a better choice than Cow Pit [watch this space…].

Cowshed’s Description

This herbal deodorant spray helps you feel dry and confident. Organic Aloe Vera and Shea Butter soothe and condition skin, while Peppermint, Spearmint and Lemongrass essential oils impart a refreshing scent. These essential oils are also prized for their antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. [Source]

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