Decisive For Once

We [me and my better half] ended up here randomly after a trip to The Box in Hackney for Folk’s sample sale. Usually it takes us ages to decide what we want to eat and I’m almost always to blame for that [yea its me] as I’m always like ‘meh’ to anything that I feel wouldn’t fill me up or that isn’t Wings, Burgers or All Day Breakfast. I am changing my ways though, since the start of 2019 and launching 0800-YO-FAM, I have been much more open as I’m always seeking new culinary experiences to write about so here we are; my partner suggested Bowls as it popped up on her insta-feed, I glanced at their profile and headed into a few shops before agreeing to go.

Let’s Go!

We journeyed from Hackney Central to Stratford, and from Stratford we headed onto Tottenham Court Road. After going for a light stroll through what seemed to be a world away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street we realised [well she realised] that we were on tthe wrong side -I always knew that but I allowed her to do her thing before taking the navigation reigns to lead us to the desired destination. After five minutes we finally arrived, famished and parched, ready to explore this new place.

First We Feast

Everyone was friendly upon our arrival, we were seated and shortly afterwards proceeded to order our drinks and food. I ordered the Painkiller Slush which unless you’re trying to get tsunamied, I wouldn’t recommend more than one -however if I were to revist I’d probaly have three, for mains I ordered the jerk wings and the escovitch sea bass with coconut rice.

Very Attentive Customer Service

What I loved most was their unitiated attentiveness. We were eating wings and a lady came out of nowhere and placed a bowl with warm water and lime to soak our hands on the table. The same lady engaged us in conversation, gave us in-depth recommendations and great assurance on what we ordered. Seeing we already had cocktails, offering us some alternatives such as water juices etc. Noticing that my partner did not enjoy what she ordered she promptly recommended another dish and didn’t charge us for it which was awesome.


Great food, great service, very considerate, awesome flavours and very generous alcohol portions in their cocktails! Also their ‘Tap’ option doesn’t taste like you’re average Agua-Tap and I feel like even Larry David couldn’t tell the difference. Painkiller Slush was perhaps the best cocktail Ive had. No expense spared when it comes to alcohol portions, I got very tipsy off of one and its so tasty Id deffo get another.

The Jerk Wings were perfect! The meat slid straight off the bone with finger-licking good flavours.

The Verdict

  • Pros 👍: Painkiller Slush, product knowledge and human connection
  • Cons 👎: Nothing whatsoever.
  • Rating ⭐️: 5/5

For more information about Bowls Restaurants click here.

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