M&S Discontinues Mayo Sachets

By far the best mayonnaise sachets available from any hot food counter on the high street, M&S without prior warning have removed without a doubt one of most flavourful combinations of one of the world’s most loved condiments.

I am devastated!

Popped to Food To Go to grab a chicken burger and fries, paid for my order and went to gram some sachets of mayo to find that they had been discontinued. The lady at the counter told me that they’re moving in the direction of bottled condiments however they didn’t currently have classic mayo to choose from, they had garlic.

I currently regret all those occasions where I wasted extra sachets I picked up not knowing that there’d be a day where they’d be discontinued. As much as I mourn the loss of having the choice to choose which condiment to smother over my food, I feel like it’s actually for the best. If this were pre-industrial revolution before all the waste and pollution, I feel like all my favourite things would be in abundance. With all the outrage over plastic, I see can pluck myself out of my self-absorbed lament and se that they’re moving towards a much more sustainable condiment model.

Breaking News! Weds 30th Jan, 19:46

My homeslizzle LSE just sent me this pic of a sachet of the majestic mayo via direct message on Instagram. There’s hope!

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