Tiny Boost – Strictly For The Streets

I can hear the hunger, the passion and the pain in this album. I love his story and his unique perspective having being away for 8yrs, never changing, this could be one of the last of the real, pre-social media, UK gangster rappers.

Tiny Boost has as much, if not more, lyrical candour as 50 Cent in his prime with the intensity of Casanova 2X and the introspection of Meek Mill, he’s a problem to the state of UK Rap; the get along ganging, the over the top drip-frivolity and conflation of facts and reputations.

Not only does he have bars, flows and killer hooks, but the stories and tales in his raps are all rooted in the truth. Definitely in his own lane.

If you’re not switched on and listening intently you may find it rather frightening for a quick sec but by the end of that short time you’ll find yourself singing along, bobbing your head to the beats with purposely detuned chords and samples; all individual elements which contribute to the collective whole -a soundscape created to soundtrack the wild streets of South London, a Pecknarm story.

Most people like to think that the Narm had lost its edge because the hipsters had moved South with the extension of the East London Line, gentrifying everything in sight, but what they seemed to forget was that one of the realest to come out of South London was plotting a return, flying the flag of the SN1 battalion alongside Giggs.

In a scene where everyone sounds the same and borrows flows, it’s refreshing to hear someone with so much raw emotion, untamed passion and vivid lyrical imagery.

Strictly For The Streets is an iconic, plant the flag in the soil and reclaim the streets moment for the #SN1 Battalion, as it marks the revival of ‘Road Rap’ which faded out when everyone decided to drip, get along and pop bottles.

Tiny Boost is somewhat unique in that he’s now a lone survivor of the bygone era where it was greaze over glitz, resulting in an album full of anthemic bangers filled with street tales that are equally catchy as they are compelling.

Strictly For The Streets is out now, watch the documentary here, and stream via links below.

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Originally published on Up In The Ear.

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