Nokia 3310

Nothing short of Iconic.

  • 120 character texts.
  • 10 Sms message threads at a time.
  • Customised ringtones.
  • Snake. Bantumi.
  • Vibrate.

I’d buy shares in this brand because I still believe in them.

BMO have upgraded Nokia’s market rating to outperform and predict shares likely to rise from $5 per share to over $7 due to several factors:

  1. A diversified portfolio with exposure to multiple product lines that are 5G compatible.
  2. A growing reluctance to purchase from China’s Huawei presents a multibillion global opportunity to win incremental value.
  3. IP Routing and Optical Networks; increase in FP4 Chips and optical demands from web scale customers.

Source for stock info Yahoo Finance.

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