Amber Mark – Conexão EP

I’m actually obsessed with this EP. I have been listening to this constantly for the past week or so, 49 times to be exact if I’m referencing my most up to date Last FM play count. I’m not sure how I discovered it, maybe Desta French radio on Spotify, but I’m really enjoying it.

If I were to compare the album to a work of art, I’d place each track next to a piece in Mengs’ ensemble of four paintings personifying the times of day.

When I first heard it my favourite track was probably Love Is Stronger Than Pride. That was proper ethereal and different. The flanged percussion, the big bass drums that commanded your attention, the vocal layering, the dramatic change in mood when the drums drop out that force you to empathise with Amber and reflect. It was at that point where I decided to give the EP a listen, I pressed play and set about my day.

The title track was pleasant, I thought ok I like the groove, loving the whole brasil boss’s nova infused kickstarter and then BAM! I heard Love Me Right. This track is COLD! It had an ‘undeniable swagger’ about it. A few seconds in I was gangster leaning before she jumped out and puts it on the listener as if shes really saying

Brudda you need to come correct when loving me ya na

The drums are dope, they’re kind of stuff you hear on an anthem -which this blatantly is, one which is about knowing your worth and calling out the BS. All this before the chorus, there’s a build up and then POW! The chord change made the hairs on the back of neck stand tall, I distinctly remember walking home when I heard it, holding my gun fingers in the air like

Brrrrrap! Yea! This is the one! This is my sh*t!

Another thing about Love Me Right is that I could instantly hear Meek Mill on it for some reason. It has that Summertime Philly feel; cruising around the city on the back of a truck, sipping iced tea with the Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff, whilst some Dream Chasers are riding through popping wheelies on quads and motorcycles en route to the cookout in the park.

Music for me is at times a visual experience and all tracks give a different kind of feel. Let me know how it goes for you; what do you see, think or feel when listening to Amber Mark’s Conexâo EP?

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Originally published on Up In The Ear.

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