Politics As Usual

This isn’t some political campaign where candidates are canvassing door to door for votes, it’s just a big duel down at the ok corral where the spectators wonder who draws first.

I choose to abstain from the vote, it’s not my place to meddle in politics, neither is it within my interests to do so. As much as I try to move with diplomacy and remain impartial, I get the feeling that my decision to stay out of the parliamentary chamber makes me a target of many frustrations. This isn’t a choice between communism and capitalism, it’s my personal decision to stay as far away from it all as I possibly can.

The annoying thing is the conversation subject itself, I really don’t wish to engage in it. I’m not a UN Peacekeeper, a negotiator or mediator so stop speculating my position on matters that don’t really concern me, stop trying to get me involved, don’t push me to endorse your point of view publicly, it’s getting beyond the point of being annoying. One conversation subject, the constant projection of frustrations, has got me beyond the point of rolling my eyes so far back that I can see my brain.

I choose not to witness or negotiate treaties, I just want to be and stay happy rather than think about any of it, that’s why I don’t get involved.

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