Shay D – Spit For Me

This is a f___cking BANGER! Its the type of song you listen to when you’re about to do something you really dont want to do or when you aint in the mood for any bull_ish and want to get stuff over and done with. It’s also something you drop if you’re a DJ who wants to turn the function into a moshpit.

Nutty P took Shay D to the asylum so she could spazz out on this one!

It’s a catchy, get you on a hype [hype duuushur] with gunfingers, screw up your face bassline and melody whilst the snare drum is continually slapping its way through the mix as if its telling you to ‘wake yo ass up’ after you’ve hit the snooze fours times already. It’s a beast! Don’t get it twisted, its a pretty deep track too, there’s food for thought in these verses; the plight of inner city youths ending each others lives to get their hands on them coverted designer items and a whole lot more.

How’s there little kids merked everyday
Innocent youts shot dead in these warzones
Then I see heads shot crack to the ends, just to put brand names in their wardrobe

The play on words and theme for the war zone/wardrobe lines are brilliant; you gave us the tragedy, the circumstance, and the motive. The two lines are in perpetual motion because even if you reversed the theme and switched up the order, you’d get to the demise which also gives you the motive and the reason for being vexed. It’s efficiently intricate in a sense that you present a storyboard in the style of a Tarantino film where all parts coexist at the same time. There’s so many levels to this, it’s insane… 🙌

The flows are tight, the bars are skippy and after one listen you’ll definitely be singing along to the hook. I feel like this is the sorta track that will get like 10 wheel-ups in a rave like Young Man Standing if it was 2003 but it’s such a clean and well executed mix that I can also hear and see it being performanced on the Pyramid stage at Glasto with one hundred thousand supporters bobbing along singing word for word.

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Produced by: Nutty P | Directed by: Chiba Visuals | Dancer: Theo Godson Oloyade

Originally published on Up In The Ear.

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