Saba – Care For Me

This is a solid 10/10 album. I’ve been listening to this on loop for the past few days. No skip, no shuffle, just start to end, and all over again, on loop. The levels of musicality and innovation in regards to delivery and content are insane.

It’s been gloomy out here in London so this was the perfect soundtrack to my rainy days inside, staring out of windows covered in rain drops. Having never even heard Saba prior to this I was impressed. There’s so much passion in his voice, there’s so much soul in the music.

Jazz and soul infused with a trap bounce and a mahooosive slice of REAL life. It’s more cathartic soul bearing on a deeper level than your average run of the mill, stereotypical lifestyle rap. Saba is eager to purge himself of the grief after losing a close friend, it isn’t a light listen but you will definitely enjoy the ride on this long play album.

Favourite song: Smile

Stream the album on Spotify.

Originally published on Up In The Ear.

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