Tomb Raider

Having never got past the first challenge on a Playstation One demo in ’96, I’ve never had an interest in Tomb Raider. I hadn’t watched or was interested in the Angelina Jolie ones nor was I inspired to watch it after seeing Alicia Vikander on the Graham Norton show.

In hidsight I was silly to think that I wouldn’t have willingly gone to see Tomb Raider had it not been for the fact that I was already outdoors and no other film was showing. I booked the tickets not expecting much more than some cheesy lines, a crappy plot and a truck load of cliches however…

If I was a gambling man I would of lost a lot if I bet against this film.

It was an impressive plot with some unexpected twists and turns. The great thing is that there wasn’t much of an emphasis on special effects, it was more mystery and problem solving by using your wits and intelligence. Lara Croft wasn’t even sexualised which was dope! Alicia Vikander is a beautiful actress of course but that was never the point of focus in this movie which I thought was really good.

I didn’t expect much and got a whole lot more than I had bargained for.

Probably the first movie in a long time where I left with no complaints, happily sitting through the credits to see if there was a hint of a sequel. It was near perfect; there were no cheesy one liners or cliches, no unneccessary nudity like zero [not that I would complain but still, equality and all that], I really feel like they ‘put some [a truck load of] respek’ on this female lead. She was clever, cunning, courageous, strong, and witty. I’m definitely looking forward to a sequel!

I might even go and see it again just to be sure, that’s what my Cineworld Unlimited Card is for!

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Originally published on Up In The Ear.

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