Do Something Your Future Self Will Be Thankful For

Nothing in life is guaranteed nor given, what you want you work for and when the desired amount of time, energy, and dedication has been poured into a the well, your wishes are granted. It’s not simply throwing coins into an abyss of nothing, it’s more about putting that coin into the well and filling it up so your dream can flow on and manifest into what you had envisioned.

The whole point of a wish is to plan and work hard to make it happen rather than make a wish and forget about it. The more resources you pour into the well is the more you can dip a bucket into it to replenish yourself. You’re creating a source of energy, a source of refreshment, a source of renewal. Until you begin to see it that way you’ll be wishing away forever.

Think about where that well flows. Think about the source of that well; is it from a pure source, does it flow through contaminated lands that need to be cleansed, does the course of which your well follow from source to mouth need a new direction?

Are you fulfilling your duty of care to others on the same journey or are you simply dumping nothing but carcinogens into the energy supply?

Are you the blockage in the system, the cause of stagnant contaminated water, how often do you service the incoming and outgoing energy paths to avoid blockage?

Always ask yourself what contribution you make to collective existence, what type of energy are you putting out; are giving anything at all or is everything just take, take, take?

Once you lose all sense of entitlement you begin to work harder to make stuff happen. Once you put yourself out there and initiate actions you begin to see returns, you begin to align with all you had wished for.

What are you doing today, at this moment in time, that your future self will be thankful for?

Are you willing to make the necessary changes to make things happen at the source of the energy flow, or will you continue to drift along through life hoping that something manifests out of the many empty wishes on the back of copper coins thrown into a dry well?

The choice is yours, always be the change you wish to see, create your opportunities.


Do Something Your Future Self Will Be Thankful For is featured on Cogitation.

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