Warrior or Gardener

A meme told me that it’s better to be a warrior in a garden than be a gardener in a war, and right about now I feel like I’ve been in this garden for so long that I’ve lost my skill for swashbuckling words.

No matter how hard I’ve tried these past few hours, I can’t seem to get the wrist to wield the blade with enough flexibility, I actually feel stiff. It seems that no matter how much times I lunge forward, I pull a muscle.

My blade is blunt, uninspired and rather sluggish. I have no immediate urgency to prep for battle, nowadays a blank page is pretty much just a page. Gone are the days where I’d roam the blank screen with empty lines and swashbuckle my way through my anxieties. The misadventures have taken much more of a politically aware and activist narrative, no longer are they steeped in self absorption where I cower behind the mask of allegory, dressed in black from head to toe, assassinating and capturing the head of my anxieties like a contracted ninja of my subconscious shogun.

My sword ain’t blunt fam, this skill is still sharp my brudda. Rather than tip toe through the shadows like a coward, I’m on the frontline, preening my flowers, nurturing my plants and removing weeds from my garden so spontaneous thoughts can sprout into nutritious vegetation and bear fruit.

So sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s better to be a warrior in a garden rather than a gardener on a battlefield because I’m happy, content and on a path to elevate, evolve and inspire. I can’t beat myself up because I’m transitioned from unfiltered reactive into considered active.

I realised that my strength resides not in outdoing anyone lyrically, being self absorbed and dressing my frustrations up in fancy metaphor and similes, I should use my powers for the greater good and become a gardener, cultivate food and flowers for thought.

I’ve just got to make sure that I train more frequently in order to balance my sword skills, and also to spend more time in the garden.


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