More Life, More Mayo!

Is Mayo The Best Condiment?


My epiphany came last night when I reheated my sunday dinner in the microwave. Usually I don’t tend to have leftovers as I dislike microwaved food but I was so hungry and the prospect of putting on extra layers to embark on an expedition outdoors through some of the coldest breeze that slices through your layers just to get a bite to eat was nothing short of a longting.

I heated up some Curried Goat (Goat Curry to some) and Rice & Peas (Peas & Rice to others) for 3 minutes, probably extreme but you gotta make sure it’s actually hot and one of the reasons why I hate reheating stuff the day after because you can never get the temperature right, tasted it and it burnt my tongue, yes I was too craven, and thought…

What can I add to this to make it better?

My first instinct was to add ketchup but sometimes the taste of ketchup is just too sharp and sweet. I needed something unassuming to the tastebuds, subtle, with as little of a distinctive taste to make something taste different without being overbearing if you were to apply too much.

I opened the kitchen cupboard and there it was, in the darkness that was the wondering how I was going to make this reheated, leftover plate of food taste like it came straight outta Nigella Lawson’s culinary retreat of enrichment. A brightlight shone from the Hellman’s label, I guess that’s because the bottle is curved and the colour of the navy reflects the light, I was blined by its grace.

I popped it open, removed the seal between bottle and nozzle, licked the bottom of it and thought…

Damn! How is this condiment so overlooked!?

Yes I’ve had mayo on chicken burgers and potato salad but why not anything else?

Mayonaisse is like the glue between the taste of food and textures. It pretty much an unassuming lubricant that you really don’t get its purpose until its no longer there. Try having a chicken salad sandwich without mayo, M&S do versions of their popular lines without Mayo and if you try and eat it without a pint of juice you can risk choking to death, it’s not the nicest feeling.

Try substituting your favorite condiment for mayonaisse and let me know how you get on.

Want to debate me about it, drop a comment, share it with your friends and ask them what they think, uninspired to do anything after reading, whatever innit.

More Life, More Mayo.

Originally published on WHTVRINNIT.

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