Rapman – What’s The Story

Since the dawn of UK Rap, I can’t recall a time where I’ve heard such a strong, solid, watertight offering from an artist. I heard a few end of year roundups but nothing would prepare me for what I was about to hear when I decided to listen to Rapman’s What’s The Story?.

Captivating from the get go! Don’t get too attached to anyone or get too comfortable!

A master of plot-twists

It began with Shiro’s tale where what I thought the outcome was to be was not, and what I thought it may even be after the twist was not, and then what I thought that twist would be was certainly not. So many twists and turns would follow throughout each tale, getting even more grim for the characters, Rapman leaves you no room to feel comfortable with anyone. Don’t get too attached to anyone! The only way to describe this is twist after twist, your jaw will be wide open!

I have to talk in vauge because as this is an EP filled with stories, I don’t want to be the spoiler, you have to listen yourself. Furthermore I wouldn’t call it an EP/album, I’d say its more like a movie because you see the tale rather than just listen, as if one of your friends is telling you what happened on the way home or at the party that you didn’t attend. Whenever you think you can predict the next steps, Rapman throws a curveball at you. It’s PEAK!!!

A reflection of day to day life

The EP explores the tales we see play out on a day to day and the intricacies within the maintenance of those relationships. Whether it be going into business with a friend, the ups and downs, the backstabbers and plotters, covetous friends who talk behind your back as they’d rather be in your position than beside you, toxic relationships and many others.

Eastenders, Coronation Street, Soap Operas?!… Switch off that TV and press play, because you’d get more action out of a Rapman album!

Don’t be surprised these are everyday stories for some, no matter how far fetched they seem, Rapman takes you beneath the surface and behind the facade alot of people seem to wear publicly and the if like me this your first Rapman album experience, you’d begin planning your itiniary to explore the back catalogue in order to get up to speed with the character.

What’s The Story? is available to STREAM and PURCHASE, here’s the first visual offering from the album, watch The Move 2 below.

Originally published on Up In The Ear.

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