Time x Energy = Reward

30 seconds is all it takes to fall in love.

In fact it takes less than a second to detach yourself from your inhibitions and slip into a vacuum where space and time doesn’t exist.

It’s a parallel reality of possibility where you can live out your passing fantasies to escape from the mundane 37.5hr obligation, the daily commute, and the stage of existence between how you envision your life being, what you’re currently doing to get there and where you are right now.

It takes a split second to decide whether you’re going to do something radical to what you’d usually do on a day to day, less than that for your body to complete the command and a lifetime of success once a habits been formed.

Nothing is ever long, it’s people that make it longer, better yet it’s the perception of time which makes it so.

I look at things in terms of energy, how much are you willing to give for the reward, is the reward worth the task, does it reflect how you value yourself?

Is the reward on an upward trajectory of what you forecast for yourself?

25th September 2017

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