AW17: Starting from Scratch

You never really start from scratch or at the beginning, each starting point is a milestone where you revisit to reflect; a hindsight checkpoint.

I thought I lost all of my 2017 final drafts but I rediscovered a lot of unpublished trains of thought stretching as far back as this picture.

I vow to never take my crafts for granted, to stay hungry, and maintain an innocence of eye and mind through continuous mental, spiritual, and sensory stimulation.

AW17 has been a weird one but maybe it’s the universe’s way of saying;

Lo Yung Khalid, observe the trees in autumn and how their leaves fall to the ground and decay into soil. These same decaying leaves then become the nutrients for the roots.

A reset is required from time to time so you can realign with yourself. It’s a great way to stop and think, clear your head and adjust the course of action.

Fair enough there was a lot of weird behaviour towards you during the first few weeks of AW17, however if you are to go into the great phase of your life, you need to shake off and sever ties with those who never had your best interests at heart in the first place.

Be productive, be creative, collaborate and exchange energy with new people, disregard the fuccbois and keep it moving.

Remember the guy in the picture, the guy who really didn’t give a fuck about things that really weren’t that deep, the guy who shrugged all that petty shit off whilst saying ‘Whatever Innit’, be that guy again but remix him for AW17 and beyond.

Write, Record, Create and Share like they’ve put a timer on your life, don’t hold back for no one, be you UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

Friday 10th November 2017, 0220-0240am

count khally

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