Desta French – Shame

Oh my gaaaaaard!

No other way to start this post because thats how I felt when I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline and spotted a new Colors performance shared by Desta. I took note because I’d been following her for quite a while and was in constant anticipation to hear something, and when I finally did I was not disappointed.

Was it the chords and the stab on every half a bar, the tight snare going back and forth with the bass drum, the heavy baseline that plays the back to perfection, or the way how Desta French glides over the waves like a windsurfer riding crystal clear waters off the coast of a remote Tahitian beach in French Polenesia.

This is an amazing track and one to easily pick your mood up, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve restarted it to be honest and it got the coveted instant add to my ‘Ultra Zone‘ playlist on Tidal -also it would of been added to my Melly Mood playlist on Apple Music but I’m waiting for Shame’s arrival to iTunes.

Originally published on Up In The Ear.

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