TC4 – Play Samba

When I get the FATdrop email notifying me of a new Heka Trax release, I know my ears will be enriched. I’ve been listening to a lot of retro Brazilian music lately and wondered why no one had created something for the summer. I put my earphones in, pressed play, and to my delight I was transported to a grime rave at a carnival, that was on a seafront where people wore straw hats and danced around a fire.

For sure that sounds like the most dramatic opener I’ve ever written for a feature, but Tom Calder & Kate Turley, aka TC4, delivered a track with so many different elements that it contains something for everyone. Production wise it’s a cross between Spooky’s unapologetic, dancehall inspired drums, and that TQD type of bounce where all you want to do is scrunch up your face, bob your head, jerk your torso back and forth aggressively, with your hands raised pointed outwards either side of your head, whilst getting absolutely shitfaced in some random nightclub in a remote crevice of the British Isles -who serve cheap renditions of your favourite spirits at Poundland prices.

It’s an unpredictable journey of delight, I really didn’t know what to make of it because I didn’t expect the drop to be that different from the intro or the gunfingers in the air whilst shouting ‘jheeze’ part. What’s even more amazing is that the guitar you think is a sample from some random track, is actually Kate Turley. From what I gathered on the Insta-clip, there might be a lot more of this flavour in store as there was a vague hint at a samba infused ep… #rumourmill [#wishitweretruemourmill]

This track will go down a treat in a DJ set whether that be at a nightclub or a friends bank holiday barbecue, in the car on a long drive or a pass the aux cord soundclash as there’s something for everyone; the crew who like to dance but don’t like to step to tortoise tempos, the people who probably like pineapple with their pizza and collect obscure samba cuts on vinyl, the gunfinger crew who lay in wait for the drop to say their ‘merk up a rave‘ one liner bars, and let’s not forget the squad who don’t really listen or know too much about anything remotely uptempo, bassy or Grimey but like to indulge in edgy, forward thinking, dance music to cater to their eclectic taste from time to time.

I’m not even gassing, nor am I biased because I love Brazilian music and sounds influenced by it, I really like the track. It comes with perfect timing as the suns out and has all the right elements to go down a treat at the next Pull Up Dat Fam club night on 21st July! [Details to be announced]

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Originally published on Up In The Ear.

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