Dips & Gee – Let’s Get Busy (prod. by Rkay)

Rhyme and Reason have got the juice on this track. Takes me back to a time when I was riding the 53 bus to Shooters Hill listening to A Tribe Called Quest’s mid ’90’s classic Beats Rhymes and Life.

Rkay blesses the two Emcees with a backing track that more resembles the fluidity of an esoteric slalom course on white water rapids in the farther unchartered dimensions of outer space than any beat I’ve heard ever.

Dips and Gee tag in and out with smooth flows, as if navigating their way through the markers of an Olympic slalom event, maintaining precise rhythm each time the paddle hits the water as they get busy. Both MCs take a backseat to allow the music to shine, flexing their lyrical prowess ever so subtly; Dips ever so calm, introspective and composed whilst Gee hits you with that Pfife Dawg type abruptness switching ‘Yo!’ for a localised ‘Oi!’, with references to Biker Mice and Pokemon’s Charizard.

This track reminds me of summer ’98 where I cruised through Southern France and the riviera on a kayaking trip. It arrives at the perfect point where summer’s on the cusp of an end to transition to autumn.

I wrote and published this on the bus trip home from dropping my car off for its first MOT annual service. [Irrelevant but relevant that I’m a fucking don when it comes to blogging because I just flow; any time, any place, any where.]

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