Ghostface Killah – Nutmeg ft. RZA

I wrote and published this on my short-lived soon to be revived Up In The Ear tumblr in March 2012 and figured I’d repost because I haven’t ever had a chance to put this unsolved mystery to bed. I’ve always loved the flow and this album but I couldn’t help but think…

Is this where Cam/Dipset got the flow from?

I base the question on the fact that the first verse was written in late ’97 and recorded throughout ’98-’99 with the album dropping in 2000 before the whole Dipset situation and waaay before Cam’s flow had changed.

Did ‘Pretty Tony’ provide the blueprint for Dipset or was the Dipset flow a mixture of Jay-Z and the Philly State Prop style on the ROC or has the pages of Wikipedia had me all twisted with my informations?

When I was doing “Nutmeg” I was rhyming with words that people probably never even… said, “It don’t even make no sense.” I wanted to do what I wanted to do. No once could stop me cause I did it how I wanted. Cause yo, if I wanted to write something down that you wouldn’t understand, yo, I’ma do it. I’m the first one that did it and made songs that made no sense to nobody. That’s me. I made history for that one, nahmean? So you know, rap is anything you want to rap about. You can rhyme about your elbow. You rhyme about picking boogers like Biz Mark did, you can rhyme about taking a shit, taking a piss. There ain’t no limits to this shit. -Ghostface (s:Genius)

If you know any rap lyrical wizards please refer them to this because I can’t go to the grave not knowing. Maybe it isn’t exactly where the flow came from but I remember going back to this album in 2012 and thinking rah, this sounds like the Harlem train before digging deeper and wondering who had the flow first. There’s no right and wrong, I’d just like another point of view so if you’ve got some vital leads or evidence hit me up in the comment box below or pass the knowledge on when you see me.

YouTube are taking down all uploaded links so you may have to google the full verse

Originally published on Up In The Ear.

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