Chiedu Oraka – One Take (Freestyle)

At this point you may have had enough of the One Take freestyle but if you haven’t heard a version where you weren’t saying to yourself “rah… they went in one that one still” [translate as you see fit], I’m pretty sure Chiedu will give you something to think about.


So what’s my favourite line out of the song? Well I’m a sucker for the introspective insight so it has to be

Only black kid in assembly, had a thick skin from when I was young so nothing you say can offend me.

There’s a lot of rage in the track and it makes me wonder what’s happening in Hull and whether there are other artists vying for Chiedu’s throne. Also who has jacked the hook, whoo is Chiedu talking to or firing darts at? So many questions to be answered by without further adieu…

Originally published on Up In The Ear.

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