An Open Letter To My Facebook Feed

There is no gospel more pure than “You are what you eat“, why? Because whatever you eat becomes a part of you so if you’ve been eating and drinking a bunch of fuckry, thou shalt become fuckry. It’s the same with “You are what you speak“, all that self depreciation and holding other people in higher esteems will make you a subordinate loser, so when you wake up and look in the mirror tell yourself how beautiful and strong you are, ensuring you dispel any negative thoughts or words associated with yourself and your life as these negative fuckries have a knack for manifesting. Non directly related introductions aside…

You are what you share

I’ve been spending far too much of my time unfollowing people on the book of face. Why? Because I either have no idea how or why we became ‘friends’, well actually I do (I kinda lowered the threshold from people I actually know and had hung out with, to people I was networking with or those that I had met on occasion and happened to accept their request), or you just post and share some fuckry; bigoted and ignorant stuff from pages with a blame agenda and not so covert supremacist agenda under the guise of patriotism.

It doesn’t offend me, it just makes me think “Oh so that’s what you’re about…”


I feel like these persons obviously don’t read or research the shit they’re sharing, lets be honest here. Just because you work, have a conversation, or have done business with someone it doesn’t mean that you’re best of friends and have the same views. I overstated this but I still can’t help feel disappointed that people think this way. I think it may be post colonial disorder, where their minds have been trained to feel as though a culture that appropriates and takes from others deemed to be subordinate is far more superior, and that goes for people too. We can’t forget that it’s nearly 200 years since the abolition of slavery, sixty years since blacks gained ‘civil rights’ and fifty years since indigenous Australians were classified as ‘flora and fauna’ [plants and animals]…

Dear Facebook Feed

People can do and say whatever they want because it’s their choice, everything else is a matter of opinion… For instance killing folks because of the shade of their skin, their beliefs and where they come from is wrong but at some point in time, place in history or the present day these things are justified and/or lawful by some minds or regimes.

Point is, there’s much mightier and treacherous things to worry about than someone saying they are the living embodiment of Bob Marley or Steve Jobs. What about the people who aren’t being compared to people or what isn’t being mentioned at the moment such as the Dominican Republic’s mistreatment of Haitians, American police and media’s war on black people, the feminisation of the black man, the fact that European nations have invaded, colonialised, looted and enslaved every part of the African continent and beyond, the current state of Palestine and it’s people who face degradation on a daily basis at the hands of a corrupt and immoral regime, or that we currently live under America’s neocon global empire, and when they say a ‘threat to national security’ they really mean that someone someplace is thinking critically is finally aware of their effed up foreign policy. It’s peak, they’re creating a common enemy that mirrors the whole crusade of the medieval era. To the untrained eye, it must all seem terrifying but to a lot of us, it’s seems like a badly executed b-movie. This ‘Islamaphobia’ is nothing new, they’ve been after the region for centuries, besides Islam’s sense of community is the greatest threat to capitalism as we know it, also it plays out like the communist/capitalist/socialist/whateverist cold covert wars of the 21st century. Peep how religion, community and enlightenment have been obliterated in favour of individualism, selfishness and consumerism. Knowledge of self is a great thing because it allows you to find your purpose to serve your environment and seek no material happiness.

Amen Brother

Don’t even get me started on these warped perceptions on immigration, the only reason why we’re here is because we were disturbed whilst at home, had our culture and way of life erased, taught to hate ourselves, force-fed religions that regurgitated, warped and bleached many of our ancient spiritual systems and folk stories, robbed of our history and had many truth buried away from us in an attempt to disempower and keep us subordinate, traumatised us through the transatlantic trade and acts of terroristic barbarism whilst living in lands occupied by invaders and enslavers, forced to work for free and didn’t even receive a passage home nor reparations, but still faced prejudice and discrimination when the overt atrocities ended and continue to operate in a structure that was not built for all but continues to work against and exclude many of us at the point of creating our straw man..

Since you paid the slave owners compensation and left our countries with hefty ‘benefits of colonialisation’ type taxes we find ourselves here, somehow trying to benefit from what was taken away from us in the first place, feeling lost whilst trying to recover a hidden history to complete a jigsaw puzzle of our purpose here on this earth as we have no culture or sense of belonging through century’s of having our identity erased.

So how about discussing and sharing this rather than all that other trivial stuff you’re posting?

I’d love to hear your point of view, in some way I feel like I’ve hit the nail on the head and articulated the black struggle.


[Awaiting replies, preeing reader reactions]

Michael Jackson

Originally published on Up In The Ear.

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