Deptford KFC Is A Joke!

C’mon Bruv.

I’m not really about the junk food life these days. Fair enough you might find me in the ratchet shop on a late night but since I’ve been banging out workouts in the gym and drinking 2L of water a day, I ain’t been getting jiggy with that nonsense, I’ve opted for the boosjier side of the spectrum instead i.e VQ, Diner, Red Dog, Five Guys, Kitchen 54 etc. Last night I did a wrongun, I left it too late to have anything sensible to eat so I took a trip to the KFC Drive Thru in Deptford. This place is notorious for getting your order wrong, often giving you less than what you actually paid for, with it being far too late to rectify the issue once you’re already at home.

Why would you do me like that?

I asked for a zinger tower fillet burger box. Simple. I got the box, checked the contents at the drive thru to see if my wings were straight and drove on. When I got home I opened my fillet burger and it was a zinger, but not a tower. I was livid because I hadn’t had that hash brown in the burger for years and these wankers didn’t give me the right bumbaclaart burger. This isn’t the first time they’ve fucked up, they fuck up all the time and I am not the only one, they fuck up peoples orders on a regular.

Taking A Stance

From now on I’m boycotting Deptford KFC because they’re a bunch of waste cadets. I also hate the way that people who aren’t driving line up at the window like crackheads outside the traphouse waiting for their fix. Fuck Deptford KFC, I’ll rather spend my money at Old Kent Rd or Deptford McDonalds. Further more fuck eating wasteman junk food because that shit is fucking us all up with their GMOs, e-digits and artificial f*ckries.

Fuck KFC.

(FYI this is a joke ting, I am not angry and I do not intend to cause a riot, it’s all fun and games but not fun and games because I got cheated by a bunch of waste cadets who smell of fried chicken and that ain’t funny but the story is [no] haha)

Originally published on Up In The Ear.

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