Off with their heads

I am not an election snob in the slightest, I’m just really fed up and tired of their bullsh*t. These politicians haven’t done enough to gain our respect, who are these characters on TV, in the newspapers and on radio spouting truck loads of toxic and confusing political rhetoric, accompanied by bogus, psuedo-factual statistics, and research studies interpreted in all manners, to make their claims seem much more substantial than they actually are.

I can’t take these people seriously, these aren’t guys I’d ever see strolling through Deptford high Street, let alone a Westfield shopping centre, how have they become so important all of a sudden?

Who is this local politician who sends me all these letters bad mouthing the other parties, what do these politicians actually do for a living?

Where have they come from, did they all go to the same school, did you see them working in the local shop or factory, did you ever encounter one on the daily commute?

All I hear on a day to day leading up to this general election is what the party in power or a rival party did or didn’t do, what they will or won’t do, who backstabbed who, but there wasn’t much of what they will do once they get into power. Seriously, what are you going to do to warrant my vote, my respect, my trust?

These characters are not certified nor operate on a level that they can comprehend what you have been though or understand you, nor intend to represent you. They all play their part in trying to correct a system that has been broken since the very beginning and rather than willingly play along, I see this general election for what it really is; a bunch of charismatic clowns taking part in what seems to be a comedic popularity contest but it isn’t a parody, these idiots and their policies created by their policy advisors, which seem to be far removed and detached from us ‘common’ folk in society, actually affect us.

My dilemma is this, why should I vote strategically if my vote warrants my say in this society, why is there no one to represent me and the interests of my community and folks like me, in my predicament?

Sometime soon these politicians will be held accountable for all their actions; the decisions they did or didn’t make on our behalf, the promises they swept under the carpet, the issues they curved and swerved. One day they will face a people united in their frustrations and angst, head secured on the frame of the guillotine, beneath the angled blade, looking into a crowded Parliament Square to chants of…

Off-with-their-heads, off-with-their-heads…


Originally published on Up In The Ear.

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